Ghostbusters Meet The Laser Ghost PDF



“In the year 1984, New York City starting experiencing strange and unexplained occurrences. Although it was thought unbelievable at the time – the City was – in truth, being taken over by spirits from another world. A world only rumored to exist, but not proven to be true.”

“It took four dedicated and knowledgeable human beings – armed with superior scientific knowledgable – laser guns and a giant ghost busting machine to rid the city of its “other world” creatures.”

“They called themselves The Ghostbusters.”

“One year later – almost to the day – the ghosts returned.”


Twenty Nine or Thirty Years (depending on when or if your country first had GHOSTBUSTERS™ or this book) later what’s returning is an early Ghostbusters book from Peter Pan featuring art that looks more or less like the guys. As it was the ’80s the story involves laser and scientific Ghostbusters equipment which uses lasers!

Matthew Jordan who sits on a Ghostbusters Wiki throne worked with the scans to make Ghostbusters Meet The Laser Ghost like new. I was asked if I’d be interested in hosting the file. As this felt like a good fit for GB Inc I was happy to do my part for the eBook (PDF) Preservation Project. Today we’re all proud to present a 5MB (Yes 5 Megabytes!) PDF version of Ghostbusters Meet The Laser Ghost (PDF file) for your collection and reading pleasure.

This wouldn’t be a Peter Pan book without a recording to go along with it. Besides publishing books, Peter Pan Industries also published records/vinyl. That’s where ghosthead Mackenzie Yeung aka 80sguy comes in. He shared a plethora of Ghostbusters audio book goodness with ghostheads over the summer.



  • Matthew Jordan (Ghostbusters Meet The Laser Ghost – Book)
  • Mackenzie Yeung (Ghostbusters Meet The Laser Ghost – “Record”)



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